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Royalty products are premium products made to the highest standard.
They are especially developed for the connoisseurs of food and drinks.
Royalty, fit for a King.

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Royalty Premium Vodka- New Royalty Fine Wines - New
Non- Alcoholic Sparkling Juices 330ml Malted Milk Biscuits Cream Crackers
Royalty Non Alcoholic Cocktail - Sapphire 330ml Digestive Biscuits Non Alcoholic Celebration Drink
Non Alcoholic Cocktail Drink Oaties Royalty ready to drink cocktails - 250ml
Non Alcoholic Ginger Drink Rich Tea Chocolate Bars
Non Alcoholic Ginger Beer Ginger Nut Biscuits Classic Chocolates
Non Alcoholic Diet Ginger Beer All Butter Shortbread Biscuits Royalty Sardines in Vegetable Oil
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Royalty Chocolate Bar and Classic Chocolate
Royalty Coconut Delight
Royalty Coconut Delight - Single
Royalty Mighty Bar
Royalty Mighty Bar - Single
Royalty Nuttery Chocolate Bar
Royalty Nuttery Bar - Single
Pack Description Cases per Pallet Approx Cases in a
1 x 20' RF Container
Shelf Life
6x24x40g Mighty Bar 52 1700 12 Months
6x24x44g Coconut Delight 52 1700 12 Months
6x24x40g Nuttery Bar 52 1700 12 Months
Notes: 6 outer cartons containing 24 bars of chocolate
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Royalty Chocolate Bars
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