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The Laser grocery range is a superior range of products designed for health, taste and flavour.

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Pomace Olive Oil -Premium Blend - New
Corned beef
100% Pure Sunflower Oil Mackerel in Tomato Sauce
Special Offer
Tomato Ketchup & Brown Sauce Promotion Pack
Tomato Paste Baked Beans
Vegetable Oil Honey Tomato Ketchup Sweet Corn
Olive Oil/Pomace Oil Salad Cream Peeled Plum Tomatoes Sardines
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Laser oil
Laser Cooking Oil 1Litre
Laser Cooking Oil 1 Litre
Laser Cooking Oil 3 LItre
Laser Cooking Oil 3 Litre
Laser Cooking Oil 5Litre
Laser Cooking Oil 5 Litre
Laser cookig oil 15 litre
Laser Cooking Oil 15 Litre
Laser cooking oil 20litre
Laser Cooking Oil 20 Litre
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Laser Oil 
100% Refined rapeseed oil, ideal for cooking with or for dressing your favourite salads. Contains No Cholesterol! It has less saturated fat than both sunflower and corn oil. Extended life for cooking at high temperatures. A healthy option for your family! Contains No Animal Fat.
Suitable for vegetarians.
Pack Description Cases per Pallet Approx Cases in a
1 x 20' Container
Shelf Life
15 x 1 litre bottles Laser Oil 65  1350 24 Months
4 x 3 litre bottles  Laser Oil 90 1490 24 Months
4 x 5 litre bottles***  Laser Oil 48 920 24 Months
15 lItre Metal Drum *** Laser Oil 56 1343 24 Months
20 litre Metal Drum*** Laser Oil 42 1008 24 Months
***Extended life oils, suitable for cooking at high temperature.
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