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Loading & Shipping Your Goods

From our 50,000 sq ft warehouse in Greenford, Middlesex.  We are able to consolidate your cargo for shipment.  Consolidation is ideal for people who do not have the strength, desire or ability to load full containers of one particular product. Consolidation ensures diversity in your orders and that you have a variety of goods to offer your customers. 

We ensure that a variety of items are kept in stock at all times. We are also able to order items from many multinational companies who we represent for certain territories.  

Our loading staff, carefully load your container.  All items are handballed
(loaded without the pallets) ensuring that you get the maximum amount of goods inside your container.  Your goods remain competitive in the market place as you are getting the maximum load with the minimum transportation costs!


All shipping is done through our in house shipping company, the proud recipients of The Queens Award For Export 1999.  Thereby ensuring you get the best possible freight rate for your containers!

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